About Nordisk Aktuarservice ApS

Nordisk Aktuarservice ApS is an actuarial consulting firm placed in the centre of Copenhagen. We were founded on the 1st  of July 2006 by Klaus Krøier, actuary and CEO.

In 2009 Charlotte Wiese became a partner and responsible for administration and HR. Since 2011 the company has been located at Nørre Voldgade 9, 1st floor, and from the 1st of July 2021 also the 3rd floor, Copenhagen K.

Nordisk Aktuarservice offers actuarial consulting and risk management through analyses customized to the individual customer. Our clients are companies from Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia, including private companies, states, regions, and municipalities.

Nordisk Aktuarservice is guiding insurance companies safely through the implementation of IFRS 17, and the obligated risk management system, Solvency II.

We assist our customers through the ORSA-process (Own Risk and Solvency Assessment) as well as actuarial analysis in relation to purchase and sale of insurance companies.

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Our goal

Our goal is to improve our customers' risk assessment to help them make the right business decisions.​

To achieve our goal, we work with individually customized and transparent consulting.

To support this, one of our core values is to strengthen our employees' resources through knowledge sharing.

This ensures a feeling of being well-equipped for the accomplishment of the tasks for each individual employee.

Our core values are:

Professionalism: We always aim for the most professional standards in our respective professional field and use our full competencies to the benefit of each customer.

Service: We are always well-prepared, accommodating and set up realistic deadlines. We focus on continuous and in-depth communication, where we through a close collaboration include the customer in the entire decision-making process.

Credibility: We collect all available data to be analysed, and on behalf of that, we set up achievable objectives.

Commitment: We proactively follow up on our clients' challenges and needs, and together we will prepare the right solutions, optimized for the customer.

Integrity: We process all custom information with great respect and care. As collector and processor of our customers, we work with compliance with the current GDPR-restrictions.​