ORSA process

Nordisk Aktuarservice assists insurance companies through the ORSA (Own Risk and Solvency Assessment) process. According to the Solvency II Directive, all insurance companies must conduct the ORSA process once a year and report to the National Supervisory Authority.

​The purpose of ORSA is to ensure that the board of an insurance company actively analyzes and evaluates future solvency requirements and as a result, reduces their solvency risks. 

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ORSA report

In the ORSA report, companies must consider and describe their own assessments of the companies' risks and solvency requirements, for example under different stress scenarios.​

According to the EU Delegated Regulation 2015/35 of 10 October 2014, Article 306 (Solvency II Directive) of the European Commision, The ORSA report must contain all the following information: 

a) The qualitative and quantitative results of the own risk and solvency, and the conclusions of the insurance- or reinsurance company drawn on the basis of these results. ​

b) The methods and primary assumptions used in the own risk and solvency assessment. 

c) Information on the company's total solvency requirements and a comparison between solvency requirements, regulatory capital requirements and the company's own funds.