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​Nordisk aktuarservice value the protection of personal data.

​This cookie policy sets out how and why we collect, store and process your personal data.

​The policy was last updated on April 17 2020. Version 1.0


1. ​Introduction

2.​ Purpose of the use of cookies

3.​ How to delete and/or disable cookies through your browser

4.​ Consent

5.​ Cookie declaration

6.​ Publisher

​1. Introduction

This cookie policy concerns our website: www.aktuarservice.com.

In this cookie policy, "we", "us", "our", "ourselves" and/or "Nordisk Aktuarservice" must refer "you", "your", "your" and "the user" to an identified or identifiable physical person who is the user of this website. Our full details including contact information can be read below in section 6.

For more information on how we process your personal data, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

2. Purpose of the use of cookies

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that your website automatically saves on your users' browsers when you visit them. We use tracking cookies for web analytics on our website. We do this because web analytics help us to continuously improve our website. Cookies are also used to ensure the optimal use of the website. However, we do not use data from cookies to collect personal information, such as. "Phone number", "Name" etc.


3. How to delete and/or disable cookies through your browser

You can manage your cookies preferences in Google Chrome browser by clicking on "Cookie settings" to enable or disable the cookie categories in the pop-up according to your preferences. Note that, different browsers provide different methods for blocking and deleting cookies.

Visit www.allaboutcookies.org to find out more about how to manage and delete cookies.


​4. Consent

The first time you visit our website you will see a pop-up message that our website uses cookies. To be able to use the website optimally, you must at least actively consent to the use of necessary/functional cookies.

If you only choose the necessary(functional) cookies, please be aware that there may be certain functionalities of the website that may not work.

Eg. The contact information in the drop down menu or viewing of any video. If you completely want to avoid cookies, you can turn cookies off in your browser. We refer to section 3 on how to delete and/or disable cookies.

Please see our cookie declaration in section 5 about the different types of cookies our website uses as well as the purpose and expiration of each cookie.


5. Cookie declaration​

6. Publisher

The website is owned and published by:

Nordisk Aktuarservice ApS

Nørre Voldgade 9, 1th

1358 København K


Phone: +45 35 35 54 62

E-mail: info@aktuarservice.com



Nordisk Aktuarservice ApS

Nørre Voldgade 9, 1.th

​København K - 1358


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